GENETIC PROFILING OF ANIMALS - Preventive program “Intelligent breeding"

A program for prevention of serious genetically determined diseases caused by extensive inbreeding (intra-species crossing). Broadest range of available tests and tailor-made packages.

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Types of molecular tests:

Genetically determined conditions and diseases

  • All known genetically determined conditions and diseases of purebred animals
  • Special tests for individual species and breeds – more than 330 different tests in total
  • Testing of both specific conditions/diseases and overall genetic profiles (test packages for individual breeds)

Genetically determined exterior traits

  • Determination of coat-color and other known genetically determined exterior traits
  • Tests for individual species
  • Testing of single exterior traits as well as overall genetic profiles (test packages)

Results and outcomes

  • Unambiguous answer in terms of presence of a specific genetic mutation – yes or no
  • Unambiguous answer in terms of a predisposition to a specific exterior trait – yes or no
  • Certificate of genetic profile and genetic health of an animal

Special benefits of the molecular technique

  • Testing of complete range of known genetically determined diseases and exterior traits of purebred animals
  • Unambiguous genetic profile that determines eligibility of an animal to breeding purposes based on:
    - genetic health (absence of pathogenic mutations)
    - specific exterior traits typical for a given breed
  • A combination of genetic identification and unambiguous genetic profile with unambiguous ID determination of a particular animal


Genetic profiling of purebred animals

Genetic profiling of purebred animals, i.e. testing of animals for presence/absence of genetically determined diseases and predisposition to genetically determined exterior traits typical for individual breeds are novel options in breeding programs that become popular in developed countries. Due to its complexity, this method allows for more responsible approach to breeding both on the level of individual animals and whole breeds.

Consequences of inbreeding (intra-species crossing)

Due to extensive inbreeding (intra-species crossing) during the last decades, genomes (DNA) of purebred animals have been significantly polluted with biologically deleterious mutations, leading to serious genetically determined clinical diseases, handicapping or even killing the affected individuals.

Genetically determined diseases

The absolute majority of mutations known to date are inherited in so called autosomal-recessive manner (AR); thus the carriers of the particular mutation (heterozygous individuals) cannot be recognized from their healthy peers. Nevertheless, the carriers of mutated alleles pose a significant risk to their offspring, with significant proportion of affected litter. Some genetic mutations are effective immediately after the birth and afflicted animals fail to thrive, some are severely handicapped for the rest of their lives, and some even die. Other genetic diseases manifest later in the infancy or during the adulthood and decrease significantly the well-being or lifespan of animals. Some genetic abnormalities might even be incompatible with life and lead to abortions and stillbirth.

Preventive program “Intelligent breeding”

The aim of the “Intelligent breeding” program is the complex genetic profiling of purebred animals and their offspring to diagnose carriers of pathogenic mutations or index animals. This approach can aid the breeders in the correct selection of the mating partner for their valuable animals, based on their genetic profile and genetic health.

Importance of “Intelligent breeding”

Genetic profiling ("Intelligent breeding") should be preferred by all responsible breeders and animal owners, pet-lovers and professional clubs. Genetic profiling enables to eliminate pathogenic alleles from the genomes of purebred species, while preserving their biological diversity.

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